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Resilient Soul Kids

Teaching Kids the Tools to Cultivate
a Confident, Capable, and Resilient Soul

Like adults, kids get stressed.

And like adults, they don't always know how to cope.


For kids, stress can look like: emotional outbursts, trouble focusing, academic issues, difficulty socializing, and more.

With 22 years spent working as a school psychologist, RSW Founder Joy Melton knows how difficult it can be for parents to navigate the best ways to understand and support their children.

With Resilient Soul Kids, you gain a partner to help you build a better relationship with your child and give them all the support, skills, and guidance they need to thrive.

Recieving Flowers

Are you looking for guidance and support in rebuilding the relationship and bond between you and your child? 

Boys at School

Do you see your child struggling academically and socially, and just don't know what to do to help?

Child in a Bear Costume

Do you want to give your child a head-start on building a resilient soul for a lifetime of wellbeing?

Resilient Soul Kids is Designed to Help Children (5-18 Yrs)
Feel Confident, Capable, and Empowered

Whether your child is experiencing difficulties with:

  • Managing strong emotions

  • Getting along with others

  • Listening, focusing, or following directions

  • Interruptions in class

  • Fidgeting and sitting still

  • Perfectionism

  • Anxiousness or persistent worries

  • Trouble learning at school

  • Past Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

  • Developmental or Generational trauma 

Resilient Soul Kids is here to help.

Kid's Specialty Programs

Personalized Programs to Build Your Child’s
Cognitive, Emotional, and Social Skills

Additional Offerings

Individual Coaching

Small Group Skills Training

Parent Coaching and Advocacy

Parent Workshops

Kid's Yoga & Mindfulness Workshops

We’re ready to welcome you and your children with open hearts.

Together, we’ll co-create a personalized plan designed to help your child be the best version of themselves.

Flexible and Personalized Support to Suit Your Child’s Needs and Goals

What works for one child may not be best for another. That’s why we always begin with a family consultation to explore the best path forward for your child.


Each of our evidence-based programs, coaching, and classes are designed to help your child feel safe, learn new skills that will benefit them throughout life, and to cultivate a resilient and confident soul capable of taking on the world as they grow. 

Parent Consultations

No Parent Knows How to Do it All!

So please don't stress if you've come to a roadblock with your child that you don't know how to handle.
(That's why we're here!)


Parent consulting is a central part of our work. We coach as a family unit alongside time dedicated to your child.

In other words, our support doesn’t end with your child — we’re here to support you too.


In addition to giving you tools and personalized guidance to bond with your child, we also offer support for you in your own journey with wellbeing and self-care.Because when you feel your best, you’re able to give your best.

The world deserves to know your child for the amazing, beautiful soul they are.

If you’re ready to take the next step in helping your child heal, learn essential life skills, and start living life confidently, capably, and as their most authentic selves.
We can’t wait to meet you.

What Our Clients Say

Happy Young Woman

Laura, Mom

"Ms. Joy's approach is whole person. She is patient and took the time to build a comfortable safe space and really got to know my daughter. My daughter has been to many counselors/psychologists over the years and Joy was the first to dig deeper. She didn't just take things at face value. She is open to utilizing outside the box techniques. Her approach is individualized. She really seems to understand trauma in all it's forms and how it presents. She is sincere, relatable, approachable, empathetic and knowledgeable. She is #1 in my book. We really trust her. I'm very grateful she came into my daughter's life when she did. We've seen so much growth since we started working with her."

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