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Meet our Founder

My career began over 20 years ago as a clinical psychologist. However, it was in shifting to work as a school psychologist that I found my true calling. Why you might ask? Well, as a child I experienced significant bullying which had a huge impact on my life physically, mentally, and spiritually and is the driving force behind Resilient Soul Wellness and now Resilient Soul Wellness Kids. I decided years ago to use my experience to help other kids understand stress and adverse experiences, learn the necessary strategies to cope with these experiences and empower kids to thrive in spite of them. I am also passionate about educating parents on how to best support their children and helping them navigate the most important responsibility they have. Often times when our children struggle we feel helpless, hopeless, and often at a loss on next steps. I can help you with that. 


Hello, I'm Joy

Training and Experience

  • Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology - Marshall University

  • Education Specialist in School Psychology -Marshall University

  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach - Institute for Integrative Nutrition

  • Certified Brain Health Professional- Amen University

  • Certified Brain Health Trainer - Amen University

  • Certified in Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics- Phase 1 Trained Neurosequential Network

  • Certified Safe and Sound Protocol Pracitioner - Unyte 

  • Certified Focus System Practitioner - Unyte

  • Certified Provider for Stronger Brains- Brain Training Intervention for Kids

  • Independent BEMER Distributor

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Disclaimer: Although I have training as a psychologist and am certified by many state education departements as a school psychologist I do not currently practice privately as a psychologist. I prefer the coaching and mentoring role. My perspective is that we as a society need to shift from looking for diagnoses and treatments. Sometimes we aren't equipped to deal with life experiences or our nervous systems have become too sensitive and overreact leaving us in a chronic state of high alert and hypervigilence. We need to learn how to improve our overall wellness, learn to better regulate our nervous systems, and develop lagging skills needed to better navigate life.  There are so many natural and holistic ways to help support our mental and physical wellness. 

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735 Commerce Center Dr Suite C
Sebastian, FL 32958
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