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Resilient Soul Kids

Coaching for Kids and Parents

Resilient Soul Kids helps children and their parents manage stress, build resilience, and improve overall well-being. Our approach is informed by the polyvagal theory, which helps us understand how the nervous system responds to stress. We believe that with the right tools and guidance, every child can develop the skills they need to thrive.


Our Services

Individual Skills Coaching for Kids and Parents, Stress Management, Parent Coaching & Polyvagal Theory

At Resilient Soul Kids, we offer a range of services to support the well-being of children and families. Our wellness coaching helps kids build resilience and develop healthy habits and teach lagging skills, while our stress management techniques help them cope with difficult situations. We also offer parent coaching to help parents better support their child's emotional needs and behavioral. Our approach is based on the polyvagal theory, which helps us understand how the body responds to stress and trauma.


Individual Coaching

Small Group Skills Coaching

Parent Coaching and Advocacy

NMT Trauma Assessments

Kid's Yoga & Mindfulness Workshops

Parent Coaching and Advocacy

Safe and Sound Protocol by Unyte

The Focus System by Unyte

Stonger Brains Brain Training Intervention

Parent Workshops

We’re ready to welcome you and your children with open hearts.

Together, we’ll co-create a personalized plan designed to help your child be the best version of themselves.

What Our Clients Say

Happy Young Woman

Laura, Mom

"Ms. Joy's approach is whole person. She is patient and took the time to build a comfortable safe space and really got to know my daughter. My daughter has been to many counselors/psychologists over the years and Joy was the first to dig deeper. She didn't just take things at face value. She is open to utilizing outside the box techniques. Her approach is individualized. She really seems to understand trauma in all it's forms and how it presents. She is sincere, relatable, approachable, empathetic and knowledgeable. She is #1 in my book. We really trust her. I'm very grateful she came into my daughter's life when she did. We've seen so much growth since we started working with her."


735 Commerce Center Dr Suite C.
Sebastian, FL 32958





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