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Joy's Story

My love for psychology and coaching can be traced back to my childhood, where I faced daily struggles with severe bullying.

Without an outlet or way to change my situation, I coped the only could — by stuffing my feelings down and muddling through. My numbness helped me survive
the anger, guilt, shame, and hate I experienced in childhood.

By the time I began college, I realized enough was enough. 


I was tired of feeling depressed and miserable; of hating life. I'd been living with panic attacks since 8 years old and a diagnosis of Bipolar disorder since 19, plus a collection of other chronic conditions. (My Bipolar diagnosis was later replaced with the correct diagnosis of unresolved childhood trauma).


When I started college, I felt a flicker of hope that motivated me to reach out to a psychologist. Working with her helped me crack through my protective shell of numbness and begin experiencing all the goodness that's possible in life.

If I could help just one person like me, it would be worth it.

Now 20+ years later, I’ve been fortunate enough to help both children and adults work through unresolved pain from their past, find their light, and shine brightly.

If you’re not feeling like your best right now, or you feel lost or not sure when that spark of life went out, my heart is with you.


It’s a painful experience I know firsthand. Even with my years of experience guiding others back towards their light, I’ve fallen into it myself. Overwork, chronic conditions, struggling to find work/life balance — I was stuck in my head, miserable, and didn’t know how to get out.

It was holistic therapeutic techniques that helped me re-integrate my mind with my body, emotions, and spirit, reconnect with my light, and begin living life loud.


Learning to use mindfulness to be fully present in my life has been one of the greatest and most life-changing gifts. It’s my hope that RSW will be a safe space for you to learn all the skills you’ll need to welcome light back into your life and begin living life loud.

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